Paul Gough's New Patient Accelerator Method - The Book


Paul Gough’s New Patient Accelerator Method - The Book:

“How I Scaled a Four Location, $1,000,000 + Cash Pay Physical Therapy Clinic - In a Place Where Health Care Is Free (…And, in One of the Poorest Areas of the Country)”

Paul Gough's New Patient Accelerator Method - The Book

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Accelerator book - option 1

Accelerator Book PLUS FREE Facebook Ads PDF Bonus

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Accelerator book - option 2

Accelerator Book PLUS Facebook Ads PDF Bonus PLUS Additional Wealth Marketing DVD Program AND 60 Day Test Drive of Paul’s “Marketing Academy” (Just $11 more)

* $11 Test Drive of Paul's Marketing Academy is limited to one per person.

Could This Be Your Escape Route From Low-Paying Insurance Companies...?

The belief that you need to market to doctors or remain trapped inside of the insurance system is built into the culture of the physical therapy profession…

Building relationships with doctors is idealized and having more of them refer to you is how you are allowed to believe is the only way to grow a private practice.

But what if there was another way?

What if it could be easier than having to relentlessly suck up to the doctors, baking cakes and cookies in exchange for patients? And what if there was an alternative to accepting “peanuts” from insurance companies who pay barely enough to keep the doors open – never mind take home a profit?

This book is that alternative and Paul Gough – one of the world's first physical therapists to scale a successful cash pay clinic beyond one location - shares with you his exact system for attracting more cash pay patients, making more profit – and still getting home by 5pm each night.

“Discover The Principles Behind Some Of The World’s Most Successful Cash Pay Marketing Campaigns - And Turn Your Clinic Into A Magnet Attracting Patients Happy To Pay In Cash

As well as discovering Paul’s system for leaving insurance headaches and hassles behind - and growing a more LUCRATIVE cash pay clinic instead - you’ll also discover the marketing principles behind some of the most successful cash pay clinics on the planet (…many of who have also walked away from the insurance rat race):

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this book:

Who Should Read Every Word Of This Book?

If you are a cash pay clinic owner struggling to get a predictable flow or cash patients OR, you are an insurance based business owner fed up low paying insurance companies, perhaps considering how you can get more cash pay patients so you can make more profit, this book is perfect for you.

Here’s who should read every word of it:

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Option 1 (Good) : Free “Best Ever” Facebook Ads PDF

Accelerator book - option 1

As you’ll discover in the book, Facebook is one of the most profitable places to look right now for direct access to new patients.

In the book I reveal how I use it to get in front of my perfect patient and with this instant access bonus PDF, you’ll get 7 of the best performing Facebook ads I’ve ran at my own clinic - or for my clients.

Collectively, these ads have generated $10,000 + worth of new patients and you’ll have instant access to them all, as soon as you order below…

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Accelerator book - option 1

Choose this option, and AS WELL as the “best ever” Facebook Ads PDF, I’ll also give you instant access to my “WEALTH MARKETING” DVD program.

This is a 9 module program (Value $1997) that covers everything from how to fill up workshops, how to do new patient testimonials, getting leads from community events, converting cash pay patients - and how I use social media at my clinic (…plus so much more).

And, if you are not already member of my new Marketing Academy, you’ll get a free 60 day “test drive” for just $11...

That test-drive includes access to my online Facebook community, as well as two months of the 32 page monthly Planet Paul Publication and coaching CD, plus support from my coaching team to help you grow your business.

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Option 1

Accelerator Book PLUS FREE Facebook Ads PDF Bonus

Option 2

Accelerator Book PLUS Facebook Ads PDF Bonus PLUS Additional Wealth Marketing DVD Program AND 60 Day Test Drive of Paul’s “Marketing Academy” (Just $11 more)

* $11 Test Drive of Paul's Marketing Academy is limited to one per person.

What People Are Saying About Paul’s New Patient Accelerator Method…

“Before taking Paul’s Accelerator program I wasn’t even making $4000 in a month as a solo-cash PT – 15 months on from taking the class and I’ve since made $19,700 in cash, in ONE WEEK, using his marketing methods and my business continues to grow, month on month”.

Kevin Vandi, Competitive Edge PT, San Jose, Ca

“When I first spoke to Paul I was in a small room in a rented facility seeing just one or two patients per week – I took Accelerator and within 14 months I went from charging $150 per session to $225, had 60 visits + per week on schedule, I hired my first full time staff PT and had moved into my own premises. Whatever Paul tells me to do – I just do it! That’s because every time I speak to Paul - I make more money”.

Jake Bernham, Bernham PT, Naples FL

“If you want strategies to help reduce or eliminate your insurance headaches, Paul is the person to show you how – he has concrete ideas to implement rather than strictly theory like so many other PT marketing people. We have been able to drop all most all of the insurance companies thanks to what Paul showed us on Accelerator”.

Kim Gladfelter PhysioFit Physical Therapy, Los Altos Ca

“Paul’s approach is completely different, it’s ethical and customer driven. I love the fact that everything he teaches you on Accelerator is what he is doing at his own clinic – and that the strategies actually WORK!”

Judith Mcloughlin, Body-Dynamic, Brighton, UK

“I’ve only implemented one third of what Paul taught me to do - and I already feel the difference. Paul style marketing definitely WORKS!”

Carrie Jose, Portsmouth, NH

Accelerator was fantastic! I don’t normally get excited when I write reviews/give feedback but you deserve it – I resonate with Paul’s passion and preach his words to my staff regularly, which is great, because it means you are having a profound effect on my whole business. We are “pumping out” more visits than ever since we took the Accelerator class and I’ve got the other partners in my business wanting to know what has changed – our marketing is what has changed!”

Nick Young, Benchmark Physiotherapy, Sydney, Australia

“Paul’s energy and enthusiasm for business is infectious. Learning from him has made me a better person and a better business owner and taking Accelerator was what really reignited my fire for growing my company”.

Wendy Mcloud, Essex, UK

Paul's “New Patient Accelerator Method” Book Proudly Being Displayed by Top Physical Therapists All Over The World”...

PTs around the world displaying their copy of New Patient Accelerator Method

About The Two Time No.1 Best Selling Author Of The Book

Paul Gough

PAUL GOUGH is a two time No.1 bestselling author of The New Patient Accelerator Method, The Physical Therapy Hiring Solution, and The Healthy Habit. He is also a former professional soccer physical therapist turned successful clinic owner from the UK (a country where healthcare is free). He is the founder of the Paul Gough Physio Rooms – a successful cash pay clinic he started from a spare room in his home with no money down and with no business or marketing skills. He has since scaled his clinic from one to four locations, and zero to $1m in cash pay revenue and he now helps clinic owners all across America and around the world to get more cash pay patients using his proven systems.